Summer term weeks 3, 4 & 5. 2016

The term has been wizzing by with so many long hot days and lovely light evenings to play out in.

Ted has enjoyed being really active this term. Utilising  his flexi school days to gain confidence on his bike, and really enjoy being out of doors in the garden or out and about along the coast.


This is Ted”s sunflower grown in class.

Oxeye daisies along the field border behind our house

Ted has really grown in confidence  and  physicality during this term.  And the flxi school days we spend together seem to allow him space to expand into his newfound sense of self knowing & confidence.


He has learnt to trust in his own capabilities. Wih a burgeoning  sense of  confidence & independence  he has learnt to swim, exploring the boundaries  of what he is comfortable with. Stepping to the edge of his comfort zone and trusting . It has been wonderful to watch. And to have dedicated 1/1  time each week, seperate from busy family life has been invaluable. 20160806_122103


Flexi School Summer Term week 1

Summer term weeks 1 & 2.


The sun is shining and the blossom is coming out on all our fruit trees. The garden is alive with insects and birds. There are lots of queen bumblebees coming out of hibernation, drinking up the nectar from the first flowers.

Ted has discovered we have lots of frogs spawn in our pond. So we have made a project to record them each week and learning about the frog life cycle.

Here they are about a week old.


We had fun reading this great book ‘Tadpoles Promise’


And Ted drew the first three stages of a tadpoles life.IMAG6540

I found a guide on keeping frogs which we enjoyed looking at and reading all about what stage our tadpoles are at.IMAG6562

They have grown so much in a week. And are now just hatching out of their eggs and are developing little gills. Ted has been enjoying observing them closely through his magnifying lense.1461175850781

And also looking at how it changes the way other things look too!


Today we joined seals class on their visit to Norton Church to look inside.IMAG6559

Ted loves this church as we go there often on our walks with Lola our dog. we usually like to sit in amongst the grave stones in a sunny spot. And this often sparks very interesting conversations about life and death and ceremony and bureiel.

We’ve never been inside so it was fun to do that. Though Ted found some of the Vicars talk of drinking Christ’s blood and eating his bones a bit confusing!

But we did enjoy the architecture and the beautiful hushed space. And on our way home picked this lovely bunch of wild flowers. Forget me not & comfry.


This afternoon we had a lovely time reading together under our Apple tree in the garden IMAG6531IMAG6536

And we had lots of fun playing races.IMAG6553

Flexi School March 20016


The sun has returned and the world is waking up! And so are we!

This month we have spent a lot of time outside. Ted is fascinated by the reawakening world. Hunting for signs of spring and new life.

Sowing seeds


Watching rainbows from the sitting room window.


Ted drew and wrote a wonderful comic strip cartoon.

Woody ( the cowboy) and Sam ( the donkey) find a bag of gold!

With the gold they buy a hut.

Then they make a fire and cook food on it.

The End.


Ted found my old slr camera. We spent a great flexi school day taking film photographs and learning about cameras and photography.IMAG6257

Ted loves being outside in the garden.  He helped me construct some new raised beds for him to grow his peas in.

The chooks and guinea pigs watched!

Just before the Easter holiday we had fun day blowing and decorating Easter eggs.IMAG6414

& on to April…

Flexi School February


Beautiful snowdrops Herald the spring!

This month we have been getting outside more now it’s a touch warmer. Feeling like we’re coming out of hibernation.

Ted has been wanting to make dens and run as fast as he can. So that’s what we’ve been doing lots of on our flexi school days.


we can’t believe we are able to sunbathe in February!



On rainy days we’ve had fun making up ways to get exercise indoors. Our favourite is sofa goalie!


Ted made a beautiful castle for his school project on castles.IMAG5803

& On to March

Flexi School January 2016


Some how I’ve managed to delete a whole half term of blog posts, so I’m going to write one for each month.

Ted and I have been loving our  flexi school days together this winter. We’ve  had so much fun drawing , writing , making up games, and doing lots of  imaginative play dressing up, singing and learning g new exercises together.

This is an amazing transformer Ted designed for a drawing competition in a magazine.


Ted loves all his animal books and is starting to really enjoy sounding out the names of all the creatures.


We’ve been working on learning to tie shoe laces too 🙂

And making lots of delicious food together. Ted prepared this lunch for us, tomato & cucumber salad and avocado dip. He is learning to use the kitchen safely. Yummy yum !

Ted loves to dance, run, bike and to move his body! We do lots of different things to get our daily exercise!

We try to do some observational drawing each week.

IMAG5534IMAG5532And make time for lots of fun imaginative play. Exploring the world from different perspectives


Working on hand eye coordination with crafts and games. Here’s Ted making a dream catcher downtown bedroom.


& On to February….

flexi school week 10

Beautiful bright sunshine, blue skies, warm wind.IMAG5161

Off we skipped to Mighty Oakes parent and child group in the woods at Swanton Novers.IMAG5148

Everyone seemed a bit sleepy today. Maybe because we are nearing the midwinter solstice & the days are darkening. In our house everyone is finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings! We’re like a den is sleepy bears!

Ted ran through the woods searching out fairy houses. We found an old tree stump covered in bright green moss and tiny fungi.

The boys explored the stream where they’ve been building a dam. They broke the dam and whooped as the water rushed through pulling sticks and leaves along with it.IMAG5153

There was a big tree  which was being logged. On his own accord Ted began to count the growth rings. There were over 40! ” This tree us older than you mum”!IMAG5164  we had a yummy home made snack of bread rolls, jam, fruit and seeds. We then enjoyed this week’s craft activity; twiddling willow into beautiful little hoops. Ted loved the way the willow bent round on itself.IMAG5166Back at home we made a delicious salad for lunch.IMAG5167

Ted enjoyed playing with clay again. Making a Wild Dog & a Crocodile.

I taught him how to join the clay so it stuck together fast and wouldn’t come apart when dry. We are going to ask our friend Kate to fire them for us.

We had a really fun day today, and revisited some things we learnt in recent weeks.


Flexi School Week 9

Blue skies and Sun after days of rain.

Today Ted and I decided to do Flexischool at home. He had been poorly earlier in the week and we wanted to cosy in and do some projects we’d been planning.


In the morning we enjoyed playing with his alphabet floor puzzle. A piece was missing so Ted made a replacement and drew the picture of a butterfly for letter B.IMAG5041

He worked really hard to trace out the shape, draw the butterfly and cut it out. We had a great discussion about shapes and area and design.

We then made some apple and parsnip soup, flapjack & bread for lunch!  Ted used his numbers to count out the ingredients, and we looked at weighing and measuring and volume.

Ted got very messy!

And here is Ted eating it later!IMAG5116

Whilst we waited for our lunch to cook we enjoyed reading and talking about all his favourite animals.IMAG5101

And later had fun sounding out the letters in each animals name and practicing writing.


In the afternoon we had a good runabout in the garden, trying to catch the chickens, and playing football.

what a great day, lots of fun and precious 1/1 mama & Ted time